Juan Ciriaco
CTO & Founder

Since youth, Juan went through some attempts to program on an old 80286 computer with a little of a success for an 8 years-old kid.

At the age of 15 he joined in a local Linux User Group where he learnt the basics on this amazing operating system and other fields like networking, clustering, high-availability, virtualization and some programming languages like C++, PHP and Python.

After High School graduation he got his Academic Degrees while studying soft-skilled related disciplines such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Family and Organizational Constellations, which encouraged him to build up his own company with a creative and inspiring vision of engineering: improve our clients’ processes by adopting technology, cutting-edge tools and efficient communication becoming a single team. This empathetic approach for developing problem-solving strategies turns CiriacoSSL into a masterpiece every company should count on.